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Real Life Wesleyan Church

Sounds important. (2/17/02) The gospel lesson for the first Sunday in Lent recalls the Temptations of Christ in the wilderness with the implicit reminder of the temptations we ourselves face and the dangers they pose to excuse ourselves from responsibility. , (See above) THE BEATITUDES Click on the sermon title to read each message in the series. (7/13/08) (7/20/08) (7/27/08) (8/10/08) (8/24/08) (9/14/08) (9/28/08) (10/12/08) (10/26/08) (1/23/2000) With the Iowa caucuses coming up this week and the New Hampshire primaries next, and with this year’s candidates freely commenting on matters of personal faith, we are faced with our question. “Should the church…?” (3/19/2000) During this Lenten period of reflection and introspection, we look at those elements of our lives that hinder our Christian walk. It is important to enter your serial when you are prompted because you will not be able to view your new book(s) without entering the number. McCheyne’s published lectures and a selection of his most popular sermons is contained within as well.

Criswell Classics

If you are unable to fix the problem yourself, please contact and be sure to provide the technical support key shown above. Hotels and motels are primary locations for sex trafficking both across the nation and here in Iowa. But then comes Advent and the promise of a better world. , (6/12/05) The movie “Forrest Gump” helps us bring focus to our Presbyterian doctrine of Predestination. , (2/1/98) As St. On the night of the Lord’s Last Supper with the Twelve, he left them with a rather explict instruction. , , (See above) , THE APOSTLES’ CREED: “THE HOLY GHOST” (10/14/07) This is one of the sermons in the series on the Apostles’ Creed found in the book, As We Believe, So We Behave.

2. Audio Sermons

Preaching Library is a powerful, practical resource offering hundreds of sermon starters, series ideas, message outlines and manuscripts, as well as thousands of sermon illustrations. The Power of God unto Salvation contains a collection of sermons preached by in the chapel of Princeton Theological Seminary, which address both the pastoral and theological concerns of his students.

Knowing the Glories of Christ

And he ran clear down to Beersheba, left his servant there, and went a day’s journey into the Negev – into the desert – and found him a juniper tree and sat down under a juniper tree and said, “Now, Lord, let me die. Learn two powerful principles for breaking bad habits.

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The Bible is not so sanguine on the subject. , (12/17/95) Christmas is coming – a beautiful time. Although some of these sermons exude the contentious politics of the day, the sermons contained in these volumes symbolize the powerful and historically significant impact the Puritans had on Christianity and biblical exegesis. Sermons to the Spiritual Man contains 26 sermons on the glory of God, faith, holiness, sanctification, prayer, evangelism, and numerous other topics. Instead we get something significantly different. , , (See above) (12/22/02) The fourth Sunday in Advent. When the schedule was announced, it was thought that this trip to the polls would have no import beyond local contests, but such is not the case – the eyes of the nation will be on Pennsylvania this week.